My bedquilts are made of all cotton cloth, with a light batting of alpaca/wool in the middle. Because wool is insulating and also breathes, this is a comfortable quilt to sleep under in a variety of climates. The fabrics are hand-dyed, and the quilts pieced and tied. If you have a large enough wall, one of these quilts will make a very dramatic wallhanging.

I have three bedquilts ready for sale, and have pictured them below. If you click on the small image, you'll get a larger one, with some more explanation. In some cases, you are also referred to a page with a detail image of that quilt. If you'd like to see more possibilities, go to the bedquilts page of my gallery, where you'll see many of my past quilts. You can place an order for any of the patterns shown in that section, with some degree of choice in color or mood. Each quilt is approximately 84" x 102" (this can be adjusted to some extent), and costs $1,400. Please call me for more information about a timeline for this work. 802.246.1313

qCrayola2T q Crayola

A very lively quilt indeed! Click on the small image to see larger images, and get an explanation of some of the processes involved.

QjewelBoxesT q Jewel Boxes

Jewel Boxes is a subtle quilt, with the lattice changing colors as it moves across the piece.

Click on the little image for a bigger image and some explanation.

QBoogieT q Quadrille Boogie

an intense and active quilt ... click on the small image to get a larger picture, and more information.

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