Sets of Notecards

COLORQUILTS notecards are a bit larger than 5" x 7", and printed on a good heavy stock (10 point, for those of you who know what that means). They are fold-out cards, with a beautiful glossy finish on the front and a nice writing surface inside. I am intimately involved with the production of the cards and am especially attentive to the color in the final printed image.

I have 25 different images available, which I've divided into three sets. I offer the cards in sets of 12, 13 or 25

BIG sale on notecards!

HUGE sale on notecards!

SALE Notecards!

I'd like to sell vast quantities of notecards.

My cards can now be bought for the incredibly low price of 20 cents each! A set of 10 of any one image is just a couple bucks, with a minimum of 100 cards total. So for 20 bucks, you can be the proud owner of 100 Colorquilts notecards. This price is without envelopes.

Just think what you can do with the cards: paper a wall! make lovely and protective covers for your favorite books! decoupage your toilet seat cover! never feel stingy again about sticking a card in with a gift for a friend! Click above to see the plethora of choices available to you. Enjoy choosing!!!

Note that I will charge you actual shipping costs on this item, rather than what is shown in your shopping cart. I will email you with the actual cost before I charge your card.

notecardsQ05T Notecards, Set Q
15.00 8.00 On Sale!

Contains the 12 cards you see here. Click on name or image for a larger image.

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notecardsH05T Notecards, Set H
15.00 8.00 On Sale!

Contains the 13 cards you see here. Click on name or image for a larger image.

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notecardsZ05T Notecards, Set Z
28.00 15.00 On Sale!

Contains all 25 cards sold in Set H and Set Q.

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