For many years, I was intrigued by the idea of using my quilts and hangings as the images on jigsaw puzzles. I thought it would be fun playing with all that color! For the last two years I have been working with Peaceful Wooden Puzzles in Wisconsin to create puzzles that use not only my images, but my own cut patterns as well -- that is, I've designed the shape of the pieces, including the whimsies. Seven of these puzzles are now available.

The puzzles are made of maple plywood and cut with a laser. The color is vibrant. Each is packed in its own padded bag, using hand-dyed fabric that ties in with the puzzle's image or its cut. These puzzles are sure to become family heirlooms!

puzAwashT puzzle: Awash
14" x 17"
431 pieces

wooden jigsaw puzzle, with a cut featuring a coral reef: lobster, shells, jellyfish, and many more ocean creatures

puzzleColorfallT puzzle: Colorfall
8" x 16"
169 pieces

featuring a cut pattern of a heavy rain

CockOWalkT puzzle: Cock of the Walk
302 pieces
13" x 17"

wooden jigsaw puzzle, with a cut featuring the life cycle of barnyard chickens

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QPt puzzle: Quiet Play
15" x 15"
492 pieces

a quiet image, with a cut that's all about snowflakes

puzFAt puzzle: Fire and Ash
10" x 14.5"
144 pieces or 262 pieces

The cut pattern is chock-full of dinosaurs!

puzCrayolaT puzzle: Crayola
14.5" x 17.25"
528 pieces

wooden jigsaw puzzle, with a cut featuring an old-fashioned circus, with lion and his tamer, trapeze artists, an elephant balancing on a ball...and of course, clowns

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