Colorquilts Store: Ann's fabric

For nearly 2 years, I've had an apprentice working with me, learning (and teaching me!) dyeing techniques. She's now accumulated enough dyed fabric that she's ready to sell some of it, and I present it here.

Each piece is all cotton, and most are dyed on the fine broadcloth which has been a mainstay of my work for many years. Go here for a description of this cloth.

The single pieces are varying sizes, and priced accordingly. Click below for more information and a larger picture of each selection.
ThAnnF Ann's Fabric aF
22" x 38"

TAnnbB Ann's Fabric bB
22" x 34"

TAnnbG Ann's Fabric bG
44" x 36"

TAnnbI Ann's Fabric bI
43" x 31"

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